Individual Program

In the age where there are thousands of personal trainers, we have 100% satisfied clients on our individual programs by providing knowledge and quality.
We make results, based on your needs. Our coaches who specialize in training beginners and educating them about fitness, while helping clients achieve more direct and concrete goals on any fitness level.
By starting our individual program you will change your life with that decision.
You are only one step away.
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Group Program

We offer this service throughout the day. You can see our schedule HERE. Our SEMI-PRIVATE model for group classes means that 2 coaches, who are committed to helping every member, are training a maximum of 10 clients in a single class so we can provide great service.

You are getting an individual approach from our coaches and the energy of group training, so best of both worlds. Every training during the day we offer both Performance and Fitness workout program. 

⦿ Performance

This workout program is for clients who have some experience in CrossFit style workouts, using weightlifting movements and some advanced bodyweight exercises. Every workout is carefully programmed and exercises are presented with the best substitute options if you are unable to perform any of them.

⦿ Fitness (HIIT)

This workout program is for clients who are just beginning their fitness journey, have some kind of injury, or don’t want to learn more complex movements and just want to get their dose of fitness for the day.

⦿ Functional strength

What do you get?
One hour of fully coach guided strength and core workout. Learn how to control your movement, do proper range of motion for each exercise and focus on the muscle contraction. This training is absolutelly for both women and men. Every training we work on upper body, lower body and core.

– increase strength gains
– increase muscle mass
– whole body work every training
– get stronger core and bulletproof your body from injuries
– boost your confidence

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